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Applicants who are interested in finding court dockets from the City of Virginia Beach, VA are given a variety of options for launching the case search. As far as online inquiries on judicial records are concerned, you can get in touch with the state judiciary through their web portal at As you may have figured out, this website is not only connected to the database of local court dockets but to those from all the tribunals in the state of Virginia.

Another way to launch a case search is over the phone. In fact, the facility to find judicial records from the City of Virginia Beach over the phone is an exclusive and area specific service. To access information on court documents, you will have to call on 804-786-5511 and apply for the facility. When using the online service or accessing judicial records that are maintained in soft copy, it should be understood that the information is only kept for 10 years after which point it is destroyed.

However, it is not deleted from the central repository of court dockets kept for the City of Virginia Beach. This database is held by the clerk of court’s office. However, to access these court documents, you will have to pay a small fee since it is an assisted inquiry that cannot be conducted by using the public service computers at the county clerk’s office.

For conducting a case search to find information on a criminal matter, you will need the court dockets number or the name of the subject, the date of birth and possibly the SSN. If you are looking for civil court documents, you will have to provide the full name of the plaintiff or the defendant and the number of years to search.

As far as ‘in person’ case searches go, you will only need to go to one address to visit the tribunals and the court of clerk’s office. These judicial entities work out of 2425 Nimmo Parkway Building 10, Virginia Beach, Virginia 23456.