Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can a DUI record be expunged in Virginia?
A: To wipe out a DUI records, a person must keep clean record for a minimum of 5 years. Only then will a lawyer be able to file a petition for expungement. It still does not mean that the record disappears. It means that it remain concealed for public eyes and can be revealed only with a judge’s order.
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Q: If a person lives in another state but has committed a crime in Virginia while he was visiting there, will Virginia ask for extradition?
A: There is no clear cut answer to that. Whether the State of Virginia is going to ask another state to extradite a person depends on two main factors:

1) How severe the crimeis. If it is a minor offense, chances are slim that Virginia authorities will go over the red tape involved in an interstate extradition process.
2) Whether the DA in Virginia achieve conviction in a trial. If the chances for conviction are low, so are the chances for an extradition request.
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Q: How can I find if there is an arrest record on my name in Virginia?
A: The best way to find whether an arrest warrant is issued against a person in Virginia is to call upon the county’s sheriff office. This office holds all the relevant records and for a small fee, it will conduct the necessary search. It is important to bear in mind that if you are the person against whom the warrant is issued, you might be arrested on the spot. So if anonymity is crucial to you, you can opt for an online arrest warrant search. There are websites that contain warrant records. You will probably have to pay for this service.

Q: Supposing there is an arrest warrant against a person in Virginia for a felony he has committed recently. Right now he is residing in another state. Will this warrant ever expunge?
A: An arrest warrant in Virginia (as well as in any other state in the USA) does not disappear out of itself. If it is not served, it becomes an outstanding warrant. An outstanding warrant can still be used to arrest a person. The only way to make an arrest warrant expunge is to hire a good lawyer and address the problem in court.