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In the state of Virginia arrest records and information on active warrants and all criminal matters is kept by the Criminal Information Network (VCIN). This is a service facility that is designed to offer operational support to the entire justice network of the state. The VCIN offers means of communication between various branches and offices of the state judiciary and law enforcement.

A statewide communication network, the VCIN is linked to national and regional law enforcement systems hence it can offer up to date crime history data from all across the country to local law enforcement agencies. Membership within the VCIN is available to all state government entities. This facility along with the Central Criminal Records Exchange (CCRE) is managed by the Virginia State Police which offers the provisions of warrant searches to the public.

Methods for crime history checks offered by the department of state police

Applicants have been segregated by the VSP into two categories; those that have the statutory right to request crime history information and those that do not enjoy such privileges. While the general public, private employers and individuals fall in the second group, the first comprises of:

  • Hospitals, pharmacies and other health care facilities
  • Foster care centers/homes
  • Adoption care agencies both international and domestic
  • Adult care facilities
  • District and licensed homes for adults
  • Adult day care centers
  • Child day care centers
  • Licensed child care facilities
  • Unlicensed child care centers

To put it simply, any establishment that offers care to vulnerable adults or children are clubbed in this class of applicants. Pursuant to Virginia Code 19.2-389, different application procedures have been designed to serve the requirements of these two factions.

While individuals and the general public have to fill out form SP-167, the second group has to use form SP-230. Also, there is a difference in the amount of information offered in response to such inquiries. Applicants who are legislatively empowered to seek crime history data will be offered complete background reports.

On the other hand, regular people seeking information on Virginia arrest records and warrants will only be told about cases that have been disposed in favor of the prosecution. Also, SP-167 has to be notarized before it can be sent to the VSP while there is no need for this formality when working with SP-230.

How to conduct an arrest warrant inquiry through the Virginia State Police

All request forms will have to be sent through mail to the agency. The petitions will have to be accompanied by a company check or money order of $15 for applicants who are using SP-230. The average processing time for the inquiries is 12 to 14 days. The inquiry should be sent to:

Department of State PoliceP. O. Box 85076Richmond, VA 23261-5076

To download appropriate request forms, go to

Other services offered by the Virginia Crime Information Center

The CCRE stared with a baseline of 155,000 fingerprints collected from the Department of Corrections as well as State Police. This was in 1968 since then all justice agencies across the state of Virginia are statutorily obligated to submit case disposition records and arrest fingerprints to the CCRE. The Exchange offers crime history data to criminal as well as non-criminal agencies. To conduct a fingerprint based inquiry through the CCRE, applicants have to pay $13.

The agency also offers provision for arrest records and warrants inquiries through the FBI; this service is provided for a cost of $24. Entities that are authorized under the statutes of Virginia to seek arrest warrants related data can also conduct name based inquiries online through the NCJI (Non-Criminal Justice Interface). Apart from this, the VSP also provides information on the sex offenders living in the state, a list of the most wanted criminals and information on missing children and adults.