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In Prince William County, judicial records could be accessed by launching an online case search. The website that can be used for the investigation is managed by the judicial administrative office which works at the state level. The internet portal not only handles the disclosure of court documents pertaining to locally handled cases but to legal matters that occurred in all parts of Virginia .

You can learn about both criminal and civil matters from this website, the details are limited to court dockets gathered from the circuit tribunals. This service is being offered at To use the tool, select the the county from the dropdown menu. You will be allowed to make a selection between a criminal and civil case search from Prince William County, VA.

Applicants are allowed to launch the inquiry for judicial records by using the subject’s first and last name, the case number or the hearing date. The service is being offered free of charge and you don’t need a membership to avail the facility. The case search results are displayed almost immediately and will include information such as the case number, charge and the status of the case.

If you are looking for court documents from the District Court, you will need to use the web portal at . To begin the inquiry on court dockets from Prince William County, you will need to fill out the captcha and accept the terms of the site.

Once again, you will be allowed to choose the county to which the judicial records are connected along with the type of litigation that they pertain to. Simply put, you can find information on criminal and civil matters. Plus, you will also be able to pay fines associated with an offense online. To get this information from the clerk of court’s office or 31st District and Circuit Tribunals, you will have to go to 9311 Lee Ave, Manassas, Virginia 22110.