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Are you looking for details on Accomack County, Virginia arrest records and warrants? Fret not, because these can easily be found on scores of websites along with no less than three state agencies. The method of inquiry will be different when it comes to government sources vis a vis privately maintained websites.

For one, where state departments will only offer details on arrest warrants issued withinAccomack County and the other areas of Virginia, a private inquiry will get you active warrant details from all over the country. Also, a request for information through a third party site can be placed online by filling a simple form.

In stark contrast, when you approach a government department for information on outstanding warrants, you will be expected to fill in the inquiry form by visiting the appropriate office in person. This requirement almost offsets the benefits of getting a warrant search in Accomack County done through the office of the sheriff, the clerk of court or any other state agency that keeps such records

Typically, the advantages of going through a government departments include access to additional information like bench warrant issues, most wanted lists, etc. The pluses of approaching a third party information vendor include ease of accessibility and quick results. Of course, when analyzing the differences between these two methods, one should also look at the similarities which include the payment of a small fee to access these records. To browse through a private database of crime history, fill the form above and to approach a government agency for this information, go to:

  • The police: 23323 Wise Court, PO Box 149, Accomack, Virginia 23301
  • The county clerk: PO Box 126, Accomack, Virginia 23301
  • The court of the magistrate: 23316 Courthouse Ave, Accomac, VA 23301

Every year almost 550 criminal reports are lodged in Accomack County, VA. This comes to roughly 4500 incident reports filed through the eight year interval that ended in 2008. Although less than 10% of these incidents are of a violent nature, the fact that there has been a growth of nearly 90% in the rate of violent felonies has made most residents sit up in concern.

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