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Only a tribunal with criminal jurisdiction can issue active arrest warrants in the City of Portsmouth, Virginia. However, the court will never issue arrest warrants in criminal cases unless the police approach the judiciary for such an order.

In fact, it is the sheriff’s office or the DA’s department that initiates the process by filing an affidavit in court. The petition contains all the information that the police have about the case. If this is found to be enough to establish probable cause, a warrant can be issued on the spot.

However, in some cases, the witnesses and the victim may also be called in to offer sworn testimony. The objective of the entire procedure is to ensure that the rights of the person who is to be arrested are not compromised. Once issued, an active warrant can be executed at any place and at any time.

So, you must conduct periodic warrant searches to ensure that there are no City of Portsmouth outstanding warrants against you. When looking for arrest records in your name or even if you are interested in a criminal background check on someone you know, you should start with the magistrate’s court.

The judicial agency is located at 801 Crawford Pkwy, Portsmouth, VA 23704. They can even provide information on case-specific arrest orders, including bench warrants and search decrees issued by the tribunal. You can also find this data with the sheriff’s department situated at 1725 Green St, Portsmouth, VA 23704. Along with information on active and outstanding warrants, the police will also offer a list of the most wanted criminals in the county.

Finally, approach the county clerk’s office at 1345 Court Street, Portsmouth, VA 23705-1217. They maintain the court dockets hence will be able to provide details on civil and criminal cases.

With well over 6000 crime complaints per annum to its credit, the City of Portsmouth can certainly not be called the area with a receding crime rate. In fact, compared with the statewide and nationwide averages that stand at 2.14 and 4, this urban area ranks exceptionally high at well over 6 instances of violent crime per 1000 residents.

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