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Finding Shenandoah County, Virginia arrest warrants can be as easy as pressing a few buttons on your keyboard or as arduous as driving around from one government office to another searching for crime history data. A lot will depend on the type of information you need and the extensiveness of the warrant search required.

For instance, if you have been asked to furnish a background report as an employment condition, you will need the results verified from a government source. So, for this notarization, you will have to go through a state agency. Of course, it isn’t all a downhill ride when dealing with these departments.

In fact, while you are searching for information on outstanding warrants from Shenandoah County, you can also find details on other judicial provisions issued in the name of your subject like search orders, summons in criminal cases, bench warrants, and more. Along with this, when you approach the office of the clerk of court, you can also find details on civil matters.

As opposed to this, a privately maintained arrest records and warrants website will only offer crime-related data. Still, the results will be more comprehensive as they are pulled out from nationwide directories. So, if you are looking for more than just active warrants from Shenandoah County, filling the form on top of this page will help.

Some of the agencies that you can visit for your inquiry on arrest warrants and records include:

  • The police: 109 West Court Street, Woodstock, Virginia 22664
  • The county clerk: Given below
  • The court of the magistrate: 112 S. Main, Woodstock, Virginia 22664


What information on Shenandoah arrests and warrants can you get over the phone? (2021-update)

  • To connect with Shenandoah Sheriff’s Office to learn about recent arrests, use their non-emergency phone number- 540-459-6100.
  • To access inmate arrest records, call the Records Division of the Rockingham-Shenandoah- Warren Regional Jail (RSW) at (540) 622-5024.
  • To find out about recent arrests, call the Booking Desk of the facility at (540) 622-8620 or (540) 622-8683.
  • To know about active warrants, call the Sheriff’s Office at 540-459-6100 or get in touch with the local PD at (540) 984-3434 (Edinburg), (540) 477-2242 (Mt. Jackson), (540) 740-3776 (New Market), (540) 465-5230 (Strasburg), and (540) 459-2141 (Woodstock).
  • To learn about the payment of traffic violation fines and accessing criminal court records and court dates of misdemeanor cases, call the Clerk of the District Court (General Division) at 5-459-6130.
  • To know about criminal cases filed against felonies, call the Clerk of the Circuit Court at 540-459-6150.


Crime statistics for Shenandoah, Virginia

Between 2018 and 2019, the annual crime average of Shenandoah County dipped by almost 10%, going from around 280 cases to 260 cases. The annual average of 2019 comprised of approximately 240 property crimes and around 40 violent crimes. Larceny thefts accounted for the majority of complaints against property crimes, with a yearly rate of almost 180 incidents.

In Shenandoah County, VA, an estimated 400 crime reports are filed annually, and no more than 10% of these complaints are made against violent criminal acts. However, this situation is about to change given the astounding rise of almost 80% in the overall crime rate and growth of nearly 70% in the incident figures of violent crime.

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