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An active arrest warrant can be issued in Roanoke County, VA, under several circumstances, from failure to appear in court to skipping bail. However, the most common reason for the issue of arrest warrants is a complaint filed by the police in court against an individual.

The local sheriff’s office or the DA’s department connects with the judiciary on behalf of the victim to procure a warrant, which can be used to nab the offender. The affidavit submitted at the start of the process is used to educate the judiciary about the crime, evidence, and the role of the perpetrator in the act.

All of this information is considered in conjunction with sworn testimonies from the police and witnesses when issuing a warrant. A warrant is a signed document that bears the seal of the state of Virginia and the name of Roanoke County on it. The police can use it at any place and at any time of the night or day.

To gather information on outstanding warrants, you will have to connect with either the issuing authority of the arrest order, the judicial record keeper, or the office of the law enforcement agency that is entrusted with the task of serving the detention order.

So, in case of a warrant search in Roanoke County, VA, you will have to start with the local tribunal with criminal jurisdiction hence the authority to issue arrest warrants. It is located at 305 E. Main St, Salem, VA 24153.

You can also approach the official records keeping, judicial division- the office of the county clerk. They also work out of the county courthouse.

Finally, the local law enforcement agency will also prove helpful when conducting a criminal background check. Get in touch with them at 401 East Main St, Salem, Virginia 24153.


How do you get information on Roanoke County arrests and warrants over the phone? (2021-update)

  • To file a non-emergency crime report, use the phone number of the Sheriff’s Office- 803-425-1512.
  • To know about active warrants, call the Warrants Division at 803-425-1512.
  • To know how to conduct a local background check, call the Administrative Lieutenant at (803) 425-1512 ext. 1139.
  • To connect with the Warrant Office, use the phone number 864-467-5335.
  • To know about recent arrests, call the Detention Center at 803-425-1516.
  • To get information on criminal cases handled by General District Court (traffic and misdemeanor offenses), call the Clerk at 540-387-6168.


Crime statistics for Roanoke County, Virginia

The drop of around 15% in the annual crime average of Roanoke County in 2019 failed to impress because of the rise in the rate of violent crimes. The total number of criminal complaints filed dipped from their high of 1570 incidents in 2018 to a few over 1400 complaints in 2019. But the violent crime rate went from contributing 170 complaints to the annual average in 2018 to about 190 complaints in 2019.

Every year almost 1000 crimes occur in Roanoke County, VA. While most of these are property-related, it is hard to ignore the approximately 100 violent crime incidents that make up this total figure. Daily, nearly 4 crimes are reported in the area, and most of these transpire when the victim is close to his workplace or home.

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