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There are two ways to find information on arrest records from Culpeper County, Virginia. You can take the offline route and drive down to one or more agency offices searching for details on arrest warrants and records, or you could get the inquiry completed online. Of course, the second option seems much more feasible to most.

So, if you would rather go through the internet, fill the form that you see on top of this page to gain access to a privately held and maintained database of active warrant issues from across the country. Not only will you get information on arrest warrants from Culpeper County issued against your subject but also on all detention orders, including those issued in civil cases from all over the nation.

Although arguably a better approach, the only thing that can render it futile is if you need an official report at the culmination of your search. While the information on private online sites is bang on, they cannot offer notarized results like an authorized agency.

Unfortunately, such a report would be imperative to use the data discovered to apply for or offer a job. For this, you will have to take your Culpeper County warrant search to an agency listed below. The only silver lining to this cloud is that you can also get a lot of ancillary crime-related information from these departments apart from details on outstanding warrants such as a list of the most wanted criminals, search order and bench warrant details, and information about the civil case, etc.

  • The sheriff: 110 West Cameron Street, Culpeper, Virginia 22701
  • The magistrate: 135 W Cameron St, Culpeper, VA 22701
  • The clerk of court: 302 North Main Street, Culpeper, Virginia 22701

From 1999 to 2008, every year, nearly 800 incident reports in criminal matters were filed with the sheriff’s office of Culpeper County, VA. Of these occurrences, only about 80 were of a violent nature. Overall, there was a growth of almost 20% in the rate of violent crime, while reported incidents grew by an estimated 12%.

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