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If you are looking for crime history data in Middlesex County, VA, an arrest warrant search is s sure-fire way to get details on all the criminal involvements in the background of any subject. Let us start by discussing what you can achieve by conducting an inquiry into the active warrants in a person’s name.

Although it is obvious why corporate establishments want to know about prospective employees’ criminal background, many people fail to understand the purpose of such an endeavor on the personal front. It is imperative to understand that we inevitably offer unknown people access to our homes and workplaces.

Right from the new guy in the neighborhood who keeps to himself to the new nanny, being sure that the people in your vicinity do not have a nefarious and clandestine background can help you sleep easy and enhance the safety of your loved ones.

A background report will bring back details on all the Middlesex County arrest records and outstanding warrants against a person. This will include cases where a verdict has already been delivered and matters that are still under trial. To access details about arrests and active warrants, you can approach the following state departments:

  • The office of the sheriff: PO Box 207, Saluda, Virginia 23149
  • The court of the magistrate: Bowden St, Saluda, VA 23149
  • The department of the county clerk: PO Box 158, Saluda, Virginia 23149

How do you connect with law enforcement agencies over the phone for a Middlesex County warrants search and arrests-data? (Checked in 2021)         

  • Contact the Middle Peninsula Regional Jail to access information on arrests, prisoner records and for inmate searches- 804-758-2338.
  • Contact the Middlesex County Sheriff for arrest records, incident, and accident reports- 804-758-2779.
  • Contact the Magistrate’s Office for details on warrants- 804-758-4187.
  • Contact the Clerk of Court for a case search- 804-758-5317 (Circuit) and 804-758-4312 (District).
  • Contact the County District Attorney’s Office to get help for crime victims- 804-758-4506.

Crime statistics of Middlesex County

The annual crime average of Middlesex County decreased by 17% in 2019, standing at 125 incidents. The annual violent crime rate was 13 cases. Of these crimes, 4 were cases of rape, and 8 were aggravated assaults. Of the complaints filed against property crimes, 89 were against larceny-theft, while burglaries accounted for 18 complaints.

Older crime statistics

The number of criminal occurrences recorded per annum in Middlesex County, Virginia, hovers around the 140 incident mark. Over the five years between 2003 and 2007, almost 50 violent crime reports were filed in the area, putting the annual average of this incident type at about 10 cases per year and about 7% of the annual crime average. Through this period, there was a growth of over 20% in this crime category.

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