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If you are an aficionado of crime dramas on TV, you may have undoubtedly come across the term” arrest warrants.” After all, they serve at least two of those each week on TV. So, this must have at some point raised a bit of curiosity in your mind about what an active arrest warrant from the City of Roanoke, VA, is all about and how it works for the benefit of the arresting officers.

An active arrest order is the name given to a judicial directive in which the court instructs the police to present a person before the judiciary. Although the order is issued by the local tribunal that handles criminal matters, the police have to apply for a warrant before the process starts.

Once released, these detention orders are served as early as possible; however, even those that cannot be executed do not go out of effect. Instead, they are held back in the system and called outstanding warrants. At least two judicial divisions and the office of the sheriff of the City Roanoke hold information on arrest records and such detention orders. So, if you are interested in a warrant search, you won’t have to look too far.

The sheriff’s department will also offer information on the most wanted criminals in the area, along with specific details on the subject of your inquiry. For this data and more, get in touch with the agency at 340 Campbell Avenue Southwest, Roanoke, VA 24016.

As far as the judiciary is concerned, you can gather the same information from the office of the magistrate, which is located at 305 E Main St, Salem, VA 24153, and also the county clerk’s division, which works out of 315 Church Ave, Roanoke City, Virginia 24010.

Although the City of Roanoke is safer than 6% of the country’s urban pockets, this has certainly not stopped nearly 5000 crimes from transpiring in the area. Of these, over 400 are violent criminal acts; this puts the crime average of Roanoke City at almost 7 per 1000 residents, considerably higher than the national and state medians.

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