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When an active arrest warrant is issued in Albemarle County, Virginia, the law enforcement authority earns certain rights about the arrest order’s usage and execution. For instance, all arrest warrants issued by local criminal courts can be served at any time and any place.

Not only can an individual with an outstanding warrant in his/her name can be arrested from his/her home but also third party premises like a bar, pub, etc. In fact, the police are legally obligated to put in their best efforts in apprehending a criminal who has an active warrant against him.

In essence, the only way to escape arrest is to sort the warrant issue with an attorney’s help. However, before you approach a lawyer, ascertain that the Albemarle crime system indeed has a warrant in your name.

To do this, you will need to get a friend or family member to visit one of the three agencies mentioned below. They can go to:

The police: The office of Albemarle County sheriff’s department will serve as a definitive source of information on arrest warrants. All you will need to do is carry along a photo ID and details about the subject to request the warrant search. Visit the agency office at 411 E High Street Bldg B, Charlottesville, Virginia 22902, and make your way to the records/public services division.

The tribunals: Because the court is the only legal entity that can issue a warrant, visiting the tribunal that granted the arrest order to the police will also help. To find your way to the office of the magistrate, go to 501 Jefferson St, Charlottesville, VA 22902

The judicial clerks: Apart from the magistrate’s and sheriff’s offices, the clerk of the court’s department also maintains records on criminal and civil cases in the form of court dockets. To get in touch with this agency, visit the courthouse at the address given above.


How do you get information on Albemarle County arrests and warrants over the phone? (2021)

  • Information on recent arrests: Call the Albemarle/Charlottesville Regional Jail on (434-977-6981.
  • Details on active warrants: For this, you should approach the Support Services Division on 434-296-5807.
  • Criminal case assistance for victims: Call the phone number of the Victim/Witness Coordinator at 434-296-5830.
  • Criminal case information (for victims only): Call the Criminal Investigation Division on 434-872-4511.
  • Details about cases filed in Blue Ridge District- 434-872-4512.
  • Information on criminal complaints filed in Jefferson District- 434-872-4544.
  • Inquiries pertaining to incident reports: 434-296-5807 (only for victims and/or reporting party).
  • Felony and Class A and B misdemeanor case records: For information on these, get in touch with the Circuit Clerk of the Criminal Division at 434-972-4085.
  • Judicial records from the District Court: This court handles misdemeanor and traffic violation cases. For such records, contact the District Clerk on 434-972-4004.


Crime statistics for Albemarle, Virginia

The residents of Albemarle County, Virginia had to face increased criminal threats in 2019, given the rise of approximately 7% in the crime rates. Both violent and property crimes followed an upward trajectory, with the latter bringing in about 1300 complaints and the former leading to over 140 complaints. The annual crime rate for 2019 stood at over 1400 incidents.

Every year almost 2100 crimes are reported in Albemarle County, VA, which puts the 5-yearly average at just over 10,000 incidents, and almost 700 of these were instances of violent crime. This included nearly 10 cases of homicide, 130 of sexual assault, and well over 9000 incidents of theft.

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