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An active arrest warrant is a legal term used in Fredrick County, Virginia that refers to a judicial document which is essentially a court directive to the police to apprehend a person and present him before the tribunal. The law prescribes a specific procedure that has to be followed for the issue of all arrest warrants.

When sought in a criminal matter, the police have to submit an affidavit that informs the court of the crime and the role of the suspect in it along with witness testimony and proof against the accused. However, when bail is skipped or if a litigant fails to appear in court as directed, a different legal instrument known as a bench warrant is used which is issued by the court without a police role in the process.

While all arrest warrants and judicial instruments like summons and search warrants are issued by local tribunals, the sheriff’s department is given the task of executing these orders. So, you will not only find information pertaining to them with the court but also the local police.

For example, if you are looking for details on outstanding warrants issued in Fredrick County, VA, try the sheriff’s office which is located at the judicial center situated on 5 N Kent St, Winchester, Virginia 22601. You will have to file a formal request for arrest records related data but the process is fairly simple and the only encumbrance is that you will have to show up in person to file the request.

Similarly, you can also approach the judiciary for a warrant search; try the office of the magistrate which is bound to have information on all active arrest warrants issued by them. The court of the magistrate also works out of the judicial center.

Alternatively, you can go to the office of the county clerk which is again based in the justice center on 5 North Kent Street. They maintain the court dockets. In fact, the clerk of court will not only be able to help you with criminal records but will also be able to provide insight on the happenings of a civil litigation.

Over the eight years from 2001 to 2008, there has been astonishing increase of almost 100% in the rates of violent as well as property crimes in Frederick County, VA. Despite this, only about 1000 crime reports are lodged with the local police annually. One of the reasons for the lower crime rate is that the area started with fairly low figures at the start of the decade.

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