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A City of Colonial Heights arrest warrant search can be conducted through the sheriff’s office or a judicial agency that participates in the release of active warrants. Not just the magistrate court but also the county clerk’s office plays a crucial role in the way VA warrants and information on arrests is handled.

In fact, very often, the petition for the release of an active warrant is submitted with the office of the clerk of court, and from there, it makes its way to the bench. Of course, no regulation prevents cops from directly approaching the magistrate either. In simple words, the writ that forms the basis of the hearing that is held to decide on the merits of the case comes from the sheriff’s department.

This document has information on the criminal incident, the involvement of the accused in the act, and the evidence found against him. The court convenes to study this information and ascertain if this data is enough to hold the suspect culpable for the criminal transgression.

Since the county clerk’s office has the job of recording court records, a deputy from this agency is forever present at the tribunal. This agency also receives a copy of the outstanding warrant upon its issue along with that of the police declaration. So, to find arrest records and active warrants from the City of Colonial Heights, you can approach any of the three departments listed below.

  • Law enforcement: 401 Temple Ave, Colonial Heights, Virginia 23834
  • Judiciary: 401 Temple Ave, Colonial Heights, VA 23834
  • County clerk: As stated above

Of the 950 criminal cases reported in the City of Colonial Heights, Virginia, every year, half of the incidents occur in close vicinity of the victim’s home or workplace. Also, nearly 5% of these cases are filed against violent crimes. Furthermore, there has been an increase of 9% in the frequency of violent crime.

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