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While arrest warrants from the City of Petersburg, Virginia, give police almost unlimited powers when it comes to apprehending an accused, such a judicial directive is not always needed to effect the detention of an individual. For instance, if the act that the person in question is alleged to have committed is a felony, he can be taken into custody on the spot.

However, when committing the alleged offender to custodial detention, the police need to be sure that this person indeed committed the said act. This cannot be a mere assumption. It has to be supported by witness testimony and hard evidence. Even when an active warranty from the City of Petersburg is sought to bring in the accused, the police have to present the evidence they hold to establish probable cause.

This clause cannot be circumvented; hence, it would be safe to assume that if an outstanding warrant is out against the subject, the police have managed to gather substantial evidence against this person. So, if a background investigation is aimed at determining if you ought to tie yourself up with this individual professionally or personally, a warrant search will certainly help.

To gather information on any City of Petersburg active warrant against the subject, you can go to the agencies given below. You will be charged a small fee for the information in most cases. However, with the clerk of court’s office, you will access the court dockets directory through the public service terminals if these are available at the local justice center.

  • Law enforcement: 8 Courthouse Ave, Petersburg, Virginia 23803
  • Judiciary: 7619 Little River Turnpike, Annandale, VA 22003
  • County clerk: Courthouse Rm 202, Petersburg, Virginia 23803-4589

The city of Petersburg, VA clocks in an estimated 500 criminal incidents per annum. From 2000 to 2011, the overall number of crimes has gone up significantly. Of the total annual crime figure, thefts account for the maximum incidents at 1000, while murder comes in last at just 6 to 7 reported instances.

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