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Like in most other areas of VA, Lunenburg County arrest warrant searches have to be conducted in person or by sending in your request through mail. The police and most judicial agencies involved in the task of disseminating crime history information are averse to offering background reports online.

Ideally, when you want to find out about Lunenburg County arrest records and outstanding warrants, it would be most sensible to visit the court that issued the order in connection with which the subject was detained. You not only stand to get information on arrests and warrants from this source, but also you can learn about any other judicial directives that were issued against the subject.

For instance, a criminal summons is frequently used to call in offenders when civilians file a complaint. If this order is disobeyed, an active warrant will follow next. Another type of detention directive that civil courts frequently use is the bench warrant.

These orders call for the arrests of people who have fled the area after getting bail and those found in contempt of court. The county clerk’s office, which is in charge of maintaining the court dockets database, can also offer similar information. The added advantage is that you will also be able to find details on civil cases from them. So, to connect with the police or these judicial entities, you can go to:

  • The police: 160 Courthouse Square, Lunenburg, Virginia 23952
  • The county clerk: 160 Courthouse Square, Lunenburg, VA 23952
  • The court of the magistrate: As above

Over the phone, how can you inquire about active warrants and recent arrests from Lunenburg County? (2021-current)  

  • To get an accident report, incident report or arrest report, contact the Sheriff’s Office at 434-696-4452.
  • To get information on outstanding warrants, contact the Office of the Magistrate at 434-696-3486.
  • To get information about recent arrests and prisoner arrest records, call the Piedmont Regional Jail at 434-392-1601.
  • To get information on victims’ assistance, contact the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office at 434-696-2698.
  • To get court dates for criminal cases and information on how to obtain criminal judicial records, contact the Court Clerk 434-696-2132 (Circuit) and 434-696-5508 (District).

Crime statistics of Lunenburg County

In 2019, the Lunenburg County Sheriff’s Department received 57 criminal complaints, compared to 48 in 2018. The annual total included 40 property offenses and 17 crimes against people.

While larceny-theft accounted for 20 complaints, burglary brought in another 18 cases. Motor vehicle thefts led to the filing of just 2 cases. Among the violent crimes reported were 3 instances of rape, 10 cases of assault, and 1 robbery.

Older crime statistics

In Lunenburg County, Virginia, the maximum growth in crime figures was seen in reported property crime rates, which increased by over 60%. In comparison, the rise in the number of violent crimes seems paltry at just 9%. Overall, almost 100 criminal complaints are filed in a year, and about 20% of these are against violent crimes.

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