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An outstanding warrant from Amherst County, Virginia will mean that the person in whose name the order is issued is bound to get arrested sooner or later. Because all the law enforcement agencies are informed about an order for detention once it is deemed pending, even the smallest legal infraction can get this individual arrested.

Despite the powers of arrest warrants, it would be wrong to assume that the police mandatorily need such an order to bring an accused to books. In fact, if the matter in question is a felony, such a directive is considered an unnecessary formality and hence it is waived. This means that for felonies, the alleged offender can be detained even without an outstanding warrant from Amherst County to his name.

However, when the case pertains to misdemeanor offense, the rules change and a warrant is a perquisite when arresting the person in this case unless the crime has been committed in front of a law enforcement agent. When you initiate a warrant search, you will get arrest records and information on active warrants that were issued in all matters including bench warrants that were released in civil cases.

For an inquiry into the outstanding warrants from Amherst County, you will have to go to the agencies listed below and fill in a formal request form. A small feel may or may not be charged depending on the agency that you approach.

  • Police: PO Box 531, 115 Taylor Street, Amherst, Virginia 24521
  • The court: 113 Taylor St, Amherst, VA 24521
  • The clerk of court: 100 East Court Street, Amherst, Virginia 24521

More than 350 criminal reports are lodged in Amherst County, VA per year. Of these cases, fewer than 10% are filed against violent crimes.Thefts and other instances of property crimes remain the biggest issue for the police of the area. Overall, the crime situation in the county has deteriorated since 2001 with a rise of over 90% in criminal incidents.

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