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An Orange County, Virginia active warrant can be procured only when the police can show probable cause to suspect the person in question. The proof and testimonies that will go towards the ascertainment of probable cause have to be brought before the local tribunal in writing. This affidavit forms the basis of the hearing where the magistrate decides whether an arrest warrant should be issued.

Once the judiciary has released a detention directive, the police have no say when it comes to the execution of the order. However, they do get almost unrestricted authority when serving these arrest warrants. For instance, a police officer can effect the arrest in a public place or even enter a privately owned property to apprehend the accused.

Similarly, outstanding warrants from Orange County can be served in any part of the country and at any time. When an accused is taken into custody in another area of the nation, he is deported to the county in which the warrant was issued to stand trial. After an arrest is made through the use of an active warrant, the accused can only be detained for a maximum of 48 hours, at which point he has to be presented in court for a bail hearing.

Through a warrant search in Orange County, you can get information on local arrest records and warrant releases. Such an inquiry can be initiated through any of the offices mentioned below for a small service fee.

  • The Police: 11350 Porter Rd, Orange, Virginia 22960
  • The court: 110 N Madison Rd, Orange, VA 22960
  • The clerk of court: PO Box 230, Orange, Virginia 22960


How do you get information on Orange County warrants and arrest records over the phone? (2021-update)

  • The Central Virginia Regional Jail: Call 540-672-3222 to know about recent arrests.
  • Orange County Sheriff’s Office: Call the phone number- 540-672-1200 to know more about local criminal background checks.
  • Victim and witness assistance: Call the Victim/Witness Program Director at 540-661-5327.
  • The Circuit Court Clerk: Get in touch with this office at 540-672-4030, for information on felony criminal records.
  • The District Court Clerk: Contact the Clerk of the Crime and Traffic Division at 540-672-3150 for misdemeanor and traffic case data. Call the Clerk of the JDR Division at 540-661-5320 for case records of matters that involve juvenile defendants and domestic relations.


Crime statistics for Orange County, Virginia

Although the property crime rate of Orange County decreased by almost 15% (from about 140 to 120 incidents) in 2019, the rise in violent crime rates continued to give residents sleepless nights. As opposed to its 2018- annual average of 18 incidents, in 2019 almost 25 complaints were filed with the local police against crimes such as rape, aggravated assault, and homicide.

In the ten years from 1999 to 2008, a rise of almost 50% was seen in the incident rate of violent crime while the overall crime rate scaled higher with a growth of almost 70%. Of the 300 plus incidents of crime reported in Orange County, VA, annually, only about 20 are violent.

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