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If you have ever tried to look for information on arrest warrants from the City of Danville, Virginia, you will know that the task entails quite a bit of work. For starters, you will pick one of the three government agencies that keep information on locally issued active warrants and arrest records of the area. You will then have to physically show up at the chosen department’s office to get the warrant search done.

A decidedly simpler approach is to look online. Unfortunately, these agencies do not offer details on the City of Danville outstanding warrants over the internet. So, you better be ready for the grind or find an option that works without you having to step outside your home. The good news here is that several private entities can get the job done for you painlessly.

For instance, to find information on countrywide arrest records and not just active warrants from the City of Danville, you will only have to fill the form you see on this page. The information requested about the subject is fairly straightforward, and you would need as much even if you were to approach the local sheriff’s office.

A small fee will be charged for the services offered; however, the advantage here is that this is a one-time charge. This means that you could do as many searches as you want for a specific period of time. Needless to say, this can be both convenient and affordable when compared to government agencies that charge on a per search basis. Yet, if you do need an official warrant search report, you can go to:

  • The sheriff: PO Box 3405, Danville, Virginia 24543
  • The magistrate: 401 Patton St, Danville, VA 24541
  • The clerk of court: 212 Lynn Street, Danville, Virginia 24543


How do you get information on Danville arrests and active warrants over the phone? (2021-update)

  • Local Law Enforcement: Dial the phone number- 434-799-6510 to learn about the procedure for local criminal background checks.
  • Danville City Jail: Call 434-799-5135 to know about recent arrests.
  • Danville/City Farm: For information on inmates serving time in the minimum security adult detention facility (work prison), call 434-799-5233.
  • Juvenile Detention Center: Connect with this facility at 434-799-5295.
  • The Circuit Court Clerk: Call this office at 434-799-5168 for information on judicial records pertaining to felony crimes.
  • The District Court Clerk: For misdemeanor cases and for traffic cases call 434-799-5179.


Crime statistics for Danville, Virginia

In 2019, Danville PD filed more than 110 reports against violent crimes and approximately 1480 reports against property crimes. Within these crime categories, thefts accounted for the majority of crimes against property at more than 1200 complaints. Assaults resulted in the maximum number of complaints pertaining to crimes against a person, with approximately 70 incidents.

The police encountered over 20,000 criminal complaints from the City of Danville, VA, through the decade mentioned below. Of these, nearly 2500 go towards the annual crime rate of the area. A comparison of the criminal acts occurring every year from 1999 to 2008 revealed that there had been a growth of over 10% in the rates of violent and reported criminal incidents.

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