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If you are going to make a hiring decision, it would be best to go in for a Fairfax County, VA active arrest warrants search. After all, you never know what unscrupulous elements might be lurking right outside your office door. A warrant search is the perfect way to determine the criminal past of a prospective employee and will help you understand the candidate from a behavioral perspective.

Fortunately, in Fairfax, you won’t have to struggle too hard to get your hands on arrest records. In fact, you can approach one of several government divisions to find out about any outstanding warrants in the name of a person.

Ideally, your search for arrest warrants should begin at a law and order agency like the sheriff’s office of Fairfax County, Virginia. In the interest of public safety and to facilitate quick investigations, the local police maintain an extensive database of information on arrest orders, including bench warrants and those issued in serious criminal matters.

To reach the sheriff’s office, you will have to show yourself down to 4110 Chain Bridge Rd, Fairfax, Virginia 22030. While you can also call them on 703-246-3227 to make your request, showing up in person is the only way to get any information from this department.

In fact, this holds in the case of all divisions, including the Fairfax County clerk’s office, which is in charge of maintaining trial summaries known as court dockets. This agency functions as the judiciary’s records-keeping branch; hence, they hold information on civil and criminal cases introduced into the judicial system.

The office of the clerk of court is situated at 4110 Chain Bridge Rd, 3rd Floor. Fairfax, Virginia 22030

Finally, there is the magistrate’s court, the judicial system’s division that is authorized to issue active arrest warrants. They are also located at 4110 Chain Bridge Rd, Fairfax, VA 22030.

Although Fairfax County, VA has historically maintained a low crime rate, this did not stop the sudden spike in the number of nefarious activities observed from 2006 through 2008. The area’s annual crime figures currently stand at nearly 7500 incidents, and almost 5% are violent in nature.

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