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When it comes to the issue of Wythe County, Virginia arrest warrants, probable cause is the most important factor. This is a legal perquisite and it can be defined as the reasons that would make a person of sound mind believe that the criminal incident can be attributed to the accused. For the release of an active warrant, the police have to present all proof in front of the magistrate.

The sitting judge then decides if this is enough to bring out clear probable cause. In cases where the evidence brought forth in black and white is deemed insufficient, the witnesses are given a chance to recount their part of the story before the judge takes a call on whether the warrant should be issued or not.

Through the entire procedure, not only the office of the sheriff and the magistrate’s court but also the county clerk’s department is involved in the process. However, their participation is indirect at best; this means that they neither issue nor execute the outstanding warrant from Wythe County.

Yet, they are entrusted the task of maintaining case records in the form of court dockets. To connect with either of the agencies mentioned above, you can use the addresses given ahead. Once you reach the office of the concerned department, you will have to fill in an inquiry form to get the warrant search done and submit it along with the service fee.

  • The sheriff’s: 245 S 4th St, Wytheville, Virginia 24382
  • The magistrate’s: Given below
  • The county clerk’s: 225 South 4th Street, Wytheville, Virginia 24382

With just about 450 criminal complaints reported every year, Wythe County, VA can be termed as an area with medium crime rate. The growth in the incident figures of various crime categories has been average as well, at just about 20%. Finally, the rate of violent crime which stands at 6% of the annual crime average is also not too bad.

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