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In most cases, when the police of the City of Hampton, VA, want to affect an arrest, they seek the judiciary’s support in the form of an active arrest warrant. The order for detention is issued only after submitting a formal complaint in court that informs the judiciary of the crime and the probable cause that has led the peace officers to suspect the individual in question.

The sitting magistrate of the criminal court in the City of Hampton will consider every bit of information and may even call in the witnesses or victims for sworn testimony before issuing arrest warrants. While one warrant can be issued against a person for multiple charges; if more than one individual is involved in a crime, a separate warrant will be issued for each perpetrator.

The sheriff’s office, which requests the order for detention and eventually serves it, will hold warrant information and arrest records along with judicial divisions like the magistrate’s court and the county clerk’s office. So, when conducting a warrant search, you can go to either one of these state agencies.

For example, it would make sense to start with the sheriff’s office if you are strictly looking for criminal history and outstanding warrant data. Their department works out of the Hampton Community Corrections Center 1928 W. Pembroke Avenue and can even be called on 757-926-2540. However, the records clerk will call you in person to receive the information you are looking for.

If you are after a more detailed background check that transcends the bounds of the criminal justice system and would also like to know about the civil cases that were initiated by or against the subject, it would be best to get in touch with the office of the clerk of court.

Because this agency maintains court dockets for both civil and criminal tribunals, you can get such combined information from them. Get in touch with the department of the county clerk of the City of Hampton at 101 King Way, Hampton, Virginia 23669

Finally, if you would like to know about an arrest warrant issued in a specific matter, try the court of the magistrate. The office is also located at the courthouse on 101 King Way, and they will be happy to help you with warrant specifics.


How can you get details on arrests and warrants from Hampton City, over the phone (2021)?

  • To know about recent arrests, call Hampton Adult Intake at 757-727-6596.
  • To learn about an inmate currently held at the Hampton Correctional Facility, call at 757-727-6760.
  • To access the arrest report of an inmate, call the Hampton Community Corrections Center at 757-926-2540.
  • To learn about accessing court dockets and judicial records from the Hampton City General District Court call 757-727-6260 (misdemeanor and traffic cases), 757-727-6480 (civil cases) and 757/727-6147 (juvenile and domestic relations cases).
  • For contacting the Clerk of Court for the Eighth Judicial Circuit, dial 757-727-6105 (felony crime cases).
  • To file a non-emergency complaint/report and for general inquiries, use the phone number of the Sheriff’s Department- 757-926-2540.
  • To get information on civil processes (bench warrants, summons, etc), call 757-727-6763.


 Crime statistics for Hampton City, Virginia

Between 2016 and 2019, the figures of Group A crimes, which include both property and violent crimes, increased by around 3%. But, that single-digit rise translated to roughly about 300 complaints more every year. Overall, 2019 saw the filing of 9900 reports. Around 2900 of these were incidents involving crimes against persons while 5300 were property crimes and over 1100 were narcotic/drug offenses.

Nearly 5000 crimes are reported each year in the City of Hampton. Of these, almost 10% are instances of violent crime. The average, particularly that of violent criminal activity, is higher than that of the state median, which stands at 2.14 but lower than the national average of nearly 4. In terms of property crimes, the city once again scores over the national and state average.

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