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In the case of Isle of Wight County, Virginia, outstanding warrants, information about these orders is held by multiple agencies since almost every law enforcement department is expected to serve this directive as soon as the alleged offender is spotted. However, it would be a grave folly to assume that an arrest warrant is always needed when an accused has to be detained.

Particularly, in felonious crimes, the offender can be picked up from the scene of the incident, while fleeing from it or while he is in the act or right after without using an active warrant from Isle of Wight County. However, when an offense qualifies as a misdemeanor, the police have to wait for the court to grant them an official judicial order for arrest.

Also, arrest warrants have to be based on the establishment of probable cause. Even when an arrest has to be made in a felony, the police need to have ample reason to link the person to be arrested with the criminal occurrence before he is taken into custody. Through the course of the trial, if it is found that law enforcement agents did not have probable cause when arresting the said individual, the case may very well be thrown out.

However, once an outstanding warrant is available against a person, whether he is being accused of a felony or a misdemeanor, police have every right to use any means required to bring this individual in. If you are looking for a warrant search in the Isle of Wight, it would be best to contact the agencies given below.

  • Law enforcement: 17110 Monument Circle, Isle of Wight, Virginia 23397
  • Judiciary: Given above
  • County clerk: 17122 Monument Circle, Isle Of Wight, Virginia 23397

In Isle of Wight County, VA, almost 600 crimes occur on an annual basis. Of these, less than 6% are violent, while the remainder of the incidents are property crimes. Through the decade that started in 1999, there was a growth of nearly 60% in violent and overall crime rates.

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