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Information on the City of Harrisonburg, Virginia, active warrants is far from easy to come by. In fact, on your quest to find crime history details, including arrest records and warrants in your subject’s name, you will end up visiting more than one government office. On the other hand, it can be quite simple to use an internet service to find data on arrest warrants.

This site offers the provision to access a privately maintained database of criminal history. To initiate a nationwide warrant search, you will have to fill the form on top of this page. However, if you need an official report on the City of Harrisonburg outstanding warrants, you can use the services of the agencies mentioned below.

  • The sheriff: 25 S Liberty, Harrisonburg, Virginia 22801
  • The magistrate: 53 Court Square, Harrisonburg, VA 22801-3700
  • The clerk of court: As stated above

Of these, the sheriff’s office would be most appropriate if you only seek information on criminal arrest orders and records. In contrast, if your search is not restricted to crime-related data and if you would also like the results to reflect the subject’s involvement in civil cases, you should head to the office of the clerk of court.

The magistrate’s court, which has the authority to issue all legal provisions, including active warrants in the City of Harrisonburg, will be able to get you details on arrest orders issued in criminal matters, bench warrants, search orders, summons, and more.


What information on Harrisonburg arrests and warrants can you get over the phone? (2021-update)

  •  To find out about recent arrests call the Rockingham/Harrisonburg Regional Jail at 540-564-3800.
  • To request an arrest report or police records and a local warrant search call the Custodian of Records at 540-437-2650.
  • To access the Crime Solvers Anonymous Tipline, dial the phone number- 540-574-5050.
  • For general crime-related information and law enforcement-related inquires, call the non-emergency phone number of the Harrisonburg Police Department -540-434-4436.
  • To reach a detective investigating a criminal complaint, call 540-437-2640. Only victims are allowed to connect with the investigating officer.
  • To report gang-related crimes/activity, call 540-437-2643.
  • To contact the Drug Taskforce, dial 540-434-1229.
  • For case records from the Criminal Division of the General District Court (misdemeanor court dockets), call 540-564-3130.


Crime statistics for Harrisonburg City, Virginia

In 2020, there was a notable rise in the incident rates of nearly all crime categories. The Harrisonburg Police handled around 900 complaints of which, around 390 were crimes against persons while the remaining 500 incidents were property-related offenses.  

In the City of Harrisonburg, VA, almost 1400 criminal complaints are filed every year despite a drop of 8% in the occurrence rate of violent and overall crime. Of the total annual crime rate, less than 10% is attributed to instances of violent crime. However, half of all criminal acts occur in the close vicinity of the victim’s home or office, which is a disconcerting trend.

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