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In James City, Virginia, an active arrest warrant cannot be issued by any other state entity besides a court that holds criminal jurisdiction. When the police need arrest warrants, they are legally bound to approach the tribunals for such orders. However, it would be erroneous to assume that a person can only be taken into custody if there is James City outstanding warrant against him/her.

There are three scenarios in which an arrest made will be deemed legal even when the arresting officer does not have an active warrant. These include:

  • An arrest made when the person in question is stopped for a routine check or is involved in an accident or traffic violation leads to the discovery of illicit substances or arms on his person.
  • The accused is taken into custody while he is committing the criminal act.
  • The police have the grounds to suspect an individual in a crime that has recently occurred or have reason to believe that the person in question will be involved in a felony in the near future.

However, barring these three scenarios, if an arrest is effected without an active or outstanding warrant, this can be challenged in a court of law. If the defense attorney can prove that the accused was wrongfully detained, the case can be dismissed, or at the least, it can impact the prosecution’s chances of winning the argument.

The police and all judicial entities that have a hand in the actual process of warrant issue are legal obligated to allow civilians to conduct warrant searches. If you are interested in the arrest records against you for employment purposes or would like to know about any arrest warrants against a prospective employee, you can approach:

  • The court of James City:5201 Monticello Ave, Suite 6, Williamsburg, VA 23188
  • The county clerk’s department: 321.45 Court Street, Williamsburg, Virginia 23185
  • James City sheriff’s office: 4600 Opportunity Way  Williamsburg, VA 23188, United States

A thriving urban area, James City, Virginia, witnesses no less than 1000 criminal acts every year. Of these incidents, only about 100 are violent in nature and include sexual assault with almost 5 instances per year. On average, a criminal report is filed in the area every eight hours, and in the majority of these cases, the victim is within a mile of his workplace or home when the incident occurs.

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