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With crime raising its ugly head in the City of Lynchburg, conducting periodic warrant searches, and looking for information on any arrest records in the name of new business associates and even personal alliances is a simple way to keep yourself safe. Although there are numerous options for people looking for data on active warrants issued in the City of Lynchburg, VA, three government agencies can offer the most accurate information in the matter. These include:

  • The sheriff’s office: Get in touch through mail at PO Box 217, Lynchburg, Virginia 24505 or call on 434-847-1301 or fax on 434-847-1355
  • The magistrate’s court: 900 Court Street, Lynchburg, VA 24505-0004
  • The office of the county clerk: Same as above

In case of crime specific information, the police will, of course, be the most obvious choice. They will be able to help you with details about outstanding warrants and generic data about the crime scene in your neighborhood.

Also, the police routinely put up a most-wanted list at various precincts in an attempt to safeguard the interest of community members, so a visit to the police station will get you the details on the more dangerous criminals who operate in and around Lynchburg City, VA.

Another advantage of approaching local law enforcement for a warrant search is that if there happens to be an outstanding warrant out in your subject’s name, cops will be able to act immediately and take the said person into custody, thus eliminating a threat from society.

However, if you would like to quickly look through the arrest warrants issued in specific cases or against a particular individual, including any bench warrants and other judicial instruments, the magistrate’s office or the county clerk’s department will be better options.


Can you get information on Lynchburg City arrests and warrants over the phone? (2021)

  • Information on recent arrests: Contact the Lynchburg Adult Detention Center at 434-847-1300.
  • General inquiries: Use the phone number of the Information Desk of the Lynchburg City Police Department- 434- 455-6041.
  • Details on active warrants, arrest records, incident and accident reports: Call the Records Unit at 434-455-6069.
  • Filing a complaint against a traffic violation: Call the Traffic Safety Unit at 434-455-6047.
  • For information on a criminal case in which you are the victim: Call the Investigations Unit at 434-455-6054.
  • For criminal case information pertaining to felony and Class A and B misdemeanor cases: Contact the Circuit Clerk at 434-455-2620.
  • For court records of misdemeanor cases or even traffic matters: Call the Office of the District Court at 434-455-2630.


Crime statistics for Lynchburg City, Virginia

Around 2100 crimes were reported in Lynchburg in 2019. Of these, only about 15% were instances of violent crime, with an annual rate of a few over 300 incidents. In contrast, nearly 85% of all complaints filed with the police were against property crimes, which had an annual average of over 1800 incidents. Aggravated assaults led to well over 200 complaints in the violent crimes category while larceny thefts were responsible for almost 1400 complaints in the property crimes category.

Lynchburg City, Virginia, is one of the state’s areas that seems to be in control of its crime rates, with a decrease of 80% in both average and violent crime. Every year, over 2700 criminal complaints are filed in this city, of which just about 10% are instances of violent criminal activity. While the daily crime average stands at almost 8 occurrences, a fact that makes most residents shudder is that most of these crimes occur within a mile-long radius of the victim’s home or office.

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