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The Chesterfield County, VA police can arrest you legally in three cases: when they have an active warrant against you, if you have been picked up from the scene of the crime and in cases where an individual is taken into custody after he/she is found to be in possession of illicit substances or ammunition.

However, barring the last two scenarios, the police of Chesterfield, VA have to approach the judiciary for arrest warrants when can be used to effect the detention.Because several law enforcement and judicial divisions are involved in the actual process of the issue of an arrest order and keeping the records pertaining to outstanding warrants, you will find that both branches of the state government retain extensive amounts of data on arrest records from the county.

So, to do a warrant search, you can approach more than one agency and receive exhaustive information on a person’s criminal as well as civil past.To start with, try the sheriff’s office at 9500 Courthouse Rd, Chesterfield, Virginia 23832. Calling them is also an option and can be done at 804-48-1261 but they will not give you the results they have collected over the phone.

Next, take your search to the office of the magistrate of Chesterfield County; this is located at the county court house (address mentioned above).Since it is the magistrate’s court that exercises final control on the issue of arrest warrants, they retain all details pertaining to these arrest orders along with others such as search and bench warrants.

Keep the office of the county clerk at the end of your quest for information. Because the clerk of court holds on to the court dockets, you can get data on criminal and civil proceedings from this judicial division. To get in touch with them, drive down to 9500 Courthouse Road, Chesterfield, Virginia 23832.

With almost 8100 crime reports filed in the area, Chesterfield County, VA is by no means the part of the state with the highest crime activity. In fact, the crime data available for the 5 year period from 2004 through 2008 showed that the overall rate of crime has actually gone down in the area by 6% yet the 15% increase in the number of violent crime has had both the police and residents worried.

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