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While not complex the law pertaining to the issue of arrest warrants in Henry County, Virginia is very clear and binding on all justice agencies involved in the act of arresting the offender and trying the accused.The police will usually place a formal request before the court for the issue of an active warrant, when an arrest cannot be made on the spot after the crime.

In fact, it is not uncommon for the sheriff’s office to approach the court for such an order only in matters where the name of the suspect emerges after significant investigation.All detention decrees issued by the court are a binding on the cops; this means that they cannot decline to execute these orders including bench warrants.

However, the court does not place a time limit on the execution of such decrees. Orders that cannot be served within a certain period after issue are stored in the police database as outstanding warrants and information on these are offered to law enforcement personnel from across the country. In fact, civilians can also do a warrant search by approaching a state agency.

Depending on the reasons for wanting data pertaining to arrest records and active warrants, there are three state departments that can be approached:

The police serve as the ultimate source of information on all criminal matters including details on the most wanted offenders. To reach the sheriff’s office, go to 3250 Kings Mountain Rd, Martinsville, Virginia 24112 and call on 276-656-4290 for the records division.

The magistrate’s court is the judicial entity that holds the authority to actually grant such a detention order. So, they can be approached for a generic warrant search or for information on outstanding warrants in a certain criminal matter. To reach the office of the magistrate, drive down to court house at 3160 Kings Mountain Road, Martinsville, VA 24112

Also, you can get in touch with the judicial department that retains the court dockets- the office of the clerk of court. To reach this agency, go to the court house mentioned above

Through the 5 year period between 2004 and 2008, 1400 plus incidents of crime were reported annually of which nearly 5% were violent crimes. Despite what seems like a worrisome figure, there has been a drop of 10% in the rate of violent and overall crime in the county.

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