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To procure a Russell County, Virginia arrest warrant, the police have to approach the court with a probable cause affidavit. This writ is so-called because it is a means to apprise the court of the criminal incident that has occurred, the reasons for suspecting the person in question for it, and the evidence that points to the criminal nature of the act and the involvement of the individual in it.

This information establishes probable cause, which is a legal requirement for the issue of arrest warrants in Russell County. To fulfill this criterion, the sitting magistrate may very well call the civilians associated with the matter in the capacity of witnesses or those who were victims of the act to testify under oath.

This is done in a bid to ensure that an innocent person is not detained just because a police officer assumes his guilt in a criminal matter. In fact, the only time when the requirement for an active warrant is waived is when the criminal incident occurs in the presence of a law enforcement agent or when the act is a felony, and the peace officer has reason by way of evidence to believe that a crime has already occurred or will take place.

To find information on Russell County outstanding warrants and arrest records, it is possible to approach the police or a branch of the judiciary. A warrant search will be initiated in the name of your subject as soon as you submit the inquiry form with the applicable fees.

  • Police: 42 Court Ave, Lebanon, Virginia 24266
  • The court: 113 Court Ave, Lebanon, VA 24266
  • The clerk of court: Main Street, Lebanon, Virginia 24266

Russell County, VA police receive less than 40 instances of violent crime complaints. In comparison, the rate of property crime appears massive at nearly 300 incidents. After 2001, there was a massive growth of almost 80% in the rate of overall crime and violent crime in the area.

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