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An arrest warrant search in Charlotte County, VA, is the most appropriate course of action when you need to find out about the clandestine past of a person you suspect of having a criminal involvement. Not just heinous crimes like murder and assault but also petty infractions such as DUIs, traffic violations, intimidation, etc., are included in a background report.

If you go with the county clerk’s office, your results will even include details from the civil court dockets. So, if the subject was ever involved in insurance-related litigation or has an ongoing case in the probate or family courts, you will be able to find out about these. If the clerk of court’s office seems like the right source of information to you, it is possible to connect with the agency through mail or visit their office in person.

If you go with the second approach, you will be able to use the public service terminals to conduct your inquiry into arrest records and active warrants from Charlotte County without anybody posing a hindrance in your investigation. Of course, you can also find details on arrest warrants from the sheriff’s office as the police hunt down offenders and make arrests in keeping with such orders.

Another agency that is also directly involved in the process is the court of the magistrate. In fact, you will not just find out about Charlotte County outstanding warrants but also bench orders for arrests, criminal summons, and the like. These agencies work out of:

  • The sheriff: PO Box 390, Charlotte Courthouse, Virginia 23923
  • The magistrate: 125 David Bruce Ave, Charlotte Court House, VA 23923
  • The clerk of court: PO Box 38, Charlotte, Virginia 23923

Of the estimated 150 criminal incidents that are recorded in Charlotte County, Virginia, every year, only about 18% are violent in nature. In the six years from 2003 through 2008, there was a growth of almost 50% in the overall crime rate and a rise of almost 35% in violent criminal acts.

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