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Caroline County, Virginia arrest warrants are exclusively released after the probable cause criterion has been met. This means that the police have to produce enough evidence in court for any person of a sound frame of mind to suspect that the accused had a hand in the criminal act. This information is presented in the form of a writ.

While the police have the job of collecting the evidence and witness testimony that will establish culpability, the magistrate has the final say on the matter. Once a sitting judge has deemed the evidence to be sufficient, he will sign the arrest order signaling that the judiciary agrees with the local law enforcement agency over the role of the accused in the incident.

This directive, which is called an active warrant from Caroline County, is handed over to the investigating officers or sheriff’s deputies in court to represent the department. However, it is aimed at police officers from all across the country. So essentially, an outstanding warrant is a boundary-less order.

In fact, the arresting officers need not pay heed even to the time at which the accused is taken into custody when executing such an order. Police personnel from all over can access arrest warrants from Caroline County through the central FBI crime database. However, for a civilian interested in a warrant search and arrest records, you will have to go through the agencies mentioned below.

  • The sheriff’s: 118 Courthouse Lane, PO Box 39, Bowling Green, Virginia 22427
  • The magistrate’s: 800 E Broad St, Richmond, VA 23219
  • The county clerk’s: Main Street, Bowling Green, Virginia 22427

Despite a decrease of almost 5% in the overall crime rate and a reduction of nearly 15% in the incident average of violent crime, Caroline County, VA still clocks in an annual crime rate of over 500 occurrences. The violent crime average is exceptionally high in almost 15% of the total crime figures.

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