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A Prince George County, Virginia arrest warrant is not always required to make an arrest. In case of a felony, the offender can be arrested on the spot or right after the criminal incident has occurred. However, the police must have probable cause to suspect this person to effect his detention.

The game changes in misdemeanors; these acts have to be committed in full view of a law enforcement agent for the arrest to occur with a warrant. Actually, in most scenarios, the cops choose to petition the court and get an active warrant before going behind the alleged culprit. The police and the judiciary have information on all criminal acts committed in the area, along with all arrest warrants issued in such matters.

So, they are also bound to keep information on the outstanding warrants issued in these matters and the arrest records that go with them. So, when you need to get a Prince George County warrant search done, you can head down to the offices of the following agencies:

  • The police: PO Box 366, 6601 Courts Dr, Prince George, Virginia 23875
  • The county clerk: PO Box 98, Prince George, Virginia 23875
  • The court of the magistrate: Courts Dr, Prince George, VA 23875

You will be required to place a formal request for information about active warrants and arrests records. Also, most agencies will charge you a fee for offering you limited access to their criminal history database. It is also possible to seek out information on the arrest orders against a person through the court records. The office of the county clerk maintains the databases of criminal and civil court dockets.

In Prince George County, VA, approximately 500 criminal cases are filed every year. Of these, only about 10% of the incidents fall in the violent crimes category, while the remaining occurrences are theft and property crime-related. Although there has been a rise of almost 20% in the incident rate of violent crime, this has been balanced by an almost equal drop in reported criminal activity figures.

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