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Before you go about scouring for information on arrest records and active warrants in the City of Alexandria, VA, it would certainly help understand how arrest warrants work and who issues them. This information will help you seek out the help of the right agency when doing a warrant search.

While the courts exclusively issue active arrest warrants in Alexandria, records on outstanding warrants are maintained by the county clerk’s office, the magistrate’s court, and the sheriff’s office. Because all three state agencies play some role in the issue of arrest warrants and their execution, it is only apt that all these divisions maintain such information.

The sheriff’s office, which is situated on 2003 Mill Road, Alexandria, VA 22314, initiates the process of warrant issue by petitioning the court with a request for such an order. Once the arrest warrant is issued, the sheriff’s deputies arrest the person it is issued against, question him/her, and present the individual in court for the arraignment hearing.

The magistrate’s court receives applications from the victim, police, or the District Attorney’s office of Alexandria County, VA, for warrant issue. So, the judiciary maintains copies of the warrant as well as the original affidavit in electronic format. To access this data, you can contact the magistrate’s office at 520 King St, Alexandria, VA 22314.

Also, consider the county clerk’s department, which prepares and stores court dockets. You will be able to find civil and criminal data from this agency. To get in touch, go to 520 King Street Room 307, Alexandria, Virginia 22314.


How do you access Alexandria warrants and arrest records over the phone? (2021-specific)

  • Local Law Enforcement: Call them on 703-746-4444 to report a crime and dial the phone number- 703-746-6200 to know more about local criminal background checks.
  • Criminal Investigations Division: Only if the case involves you as the victim, call 703-746-6747 for crimes against persons, 703-746-6859 to reach the domestic violence unit, 703-746-6616 for violent crimes, 703-746-6849 for financial crimes, and 703-746-6221 for property crimes.
  • The Alexandria Detention Center: To access recent arrest records, (including records of arrests made in the last 12 hours), call on 703-746-5000/703-746-5050 (after business hours).
  • The Circuit Court Clerk: For information on felony criminal records, get in touch with this office at 703-746-4044.
  • The District Court Clerk: For information on criminal cases (misdemeanor), call on 703-746-4030 and for traffic cases, call on 703-746-4041.


Crime statistics for Alexandria, Virginia

Although the crime rates of Alexandria displayed a notable downward trend between 2016 and 2019, things changed in 2020 for the worse. Recently released Part 1 crime data showed a significant rise in cases of all larceny-theft categories.

Occurrences of larceny-theft went from an incident rate of about 1480 in 2019 to over 1760 in 2020. The police attribute this to vehicles/bikes/trucks left unattended during the pandemic. Be that as it may, the figures do offer cause for concern.

The City of Alexandria had one of the lowest crime rates compared to the other urban areas of the state of Virginia, at less than 3500 incidents reported each year and a violent crime average of less than10%. The city clocks in an average of 1.97 in terms of the violent crime average, which is lower than the national median of 4 and the state median of 2.14.

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