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To find information on the City of Winchester, Virginia, active warrants, it is possible to approach the cops or the magistrate’s office. The police get involved in a criminal matter when such an incident occurs, and the cops are called to the crime scene. The accused can be arrested at this point if he is found near the area in which the occurrence took place or even if there are witnesses who claim to have seen him commit the crime.

The police can also arrest a person if they have probable cause to believe that he has already been involved in a criminal incident or will be participating in such an act in the future. In all cases mentioned earlier, offenders can be detained without arrest warrants. However, if the accused’s name does not crop up immediately or if the police need to call in the suspects for questioning before they can ascertain who committed the crime, an arrest warrant will be required.

In such cases, the police have to go to the magistrate’s office with a petition in hand that contains information on the case and the evidence collected up to that point. This proof, along with any witness testimony, has to be enough for the judge to see how the said individual was involved in the criminal incident; only then will the police be granted a City of Winchester active warrant.

As a civilian looking for information on arrest records from the City of Winchester along with any outstanding warrants against an acquaintance, you can approach the relevant agency at the addresses mentioned below. For a warrant search, you will have to pay a small fee.

  • The sheriff’s: 5 N Kent St, Winchester, Virginia 22601
  • The magistrate’s: 15 N Cameron St, Winchester, VA 22601
  • The county clerk’s: 5 N. Kent Street, Winchester, Virginia 22601


How do you get information on Winchester County arrests and active warrants over the phone? (2021-update)

  • Information on arrests: Call the Northwestern Regional Adult Detention Center at 540-535-3800.
  • Details on active warrants and arrest records: Approach the Records Clerk of the Police Department at (540) 545-4728.
  • Case Information (for victims only): Call the Criminal Investigation Division at 540-545-4705.
  • Felony case records: Get in touch with the Circuit Clerk of the Criminal Division at 540-667-5770.
  • Misdemeanor offenses judicial records: Contact the District Clerk at 540-722-7208.


Crime statistics for Winchester City, Virginia

The number of aggravated assault cases doubled and simple assault complaints tripled in 2019. But, the local police attribute the rise to the inclusion of domestic violence matters into these crime categories. However, even if domestic violence complaints were to be set aside, the annual average of assault cases in 2019 was still considerably higher than that of 2018, which gives cause for concern. In terms of the annual crime rate, the local police registered over 730 complaints in 2019.

Over 1200 crimes are reported in the City of Winchester, VA every year, and this has been the annual trend since 2000. There has only been a marginal improvement in the crime scene of the area over the decade. Yet, thefts still account for well over 900 crimes every year. Fortunately, since 2009, there have been no reported incidents of homicide in the area.

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