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Even though you can find out about the detention orders issued against a person through an arrest warrant search in King George County, VA, you will not know how much time this individual spent in the municipal holding facility while he was being tried. The execution of an active warrant is another term used to indicate that an accused was formally taken into police custody.

After this, the suspect has to be brought before the court within 48 hours for a bail hearing. Whether he is released on a bond or not will largely depend on his past. If he has a checkered background with a history of criminal involvement and disobedience of legal orders, things may not work in his favor at the bail hearing.

If the magistrate does not grant him reprieve, this individual will then be held in custody till the case is being argued. Although, you will be told about the time a prisoner has spent in a state correctional facility and can even find King George County arrest records for the time when the warrant was served, there will be no mention of the period through which the offender was jailed while the case was in the trial stages.

In fact, in case of an acquittal, you will not find out about this at all. Fortunately, information on outstanding warrants for arrests can be accessed. This means that not only will you get to know about cases that have already been disposed but also matters which are still in court. In order to get your hands on this information, you will have to go to:

  • The police: PO Box 499, King George, Virginia 22485
  • The county clerk: PO Box 105, King George, Virginia 22485
  • The court of the magistrate: 9483 Kings Hwy, King George, VA 22485

In the six years between 2003 and 2008, reported criminal activity showed a growth of almost 20% in King George County, Virginia. Through this period, each year, almost 450 criminal incidents were reported and about 5% of these were violent acts.

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