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How sure are you that there is no active arrest warrant with the City of Newport News police against you? Contrary to what people believe, even seemingly innocuous offenses can lead to the issue of arrest warrants as these detention decrees are handed out in both felony and misdemeanor cases.

Needless to say, if there is an outstanding warrant in the system against you, it will only be a matter of time before you are hauled to the police station in handcuffs and all. So, instead of letting the law catch up with you, a far better option would be to remedy the situation on your own through the help of an attorney.

However, before you approach a law office, find out about the Newport News active warrants or any arrest warrants in your name. You will not be able to conduct such an inquiry on your own because you will get arrested if you show up at a government office. So, get a friend or somebody from the attorney’s side to do it for you.

The very first stop for data on arrest records should be the office of the magistrate. Because the court issues all arrest warrants, this will be the right place to start your warrant search. Also, when you approach the magistrate’s court of the City of Newport News, VA, you may even be able to get information on the data offered by the police when the arrest order was sought.

To connect with this judicial agency, visit their office at 2501 Huntington Ave, Newport News, VA 23607.

If you need a detailed criminal history check, the sheriff’s office would be the right agency approach. They are located at 224-26th Street, Newport News, Virginia 23607-4406

Finally, do not leave the office of the county clerk out of this mix. The clerk of the court is located at 2400 Washington Avenue 9th Floor, Newport News, Virginia 23607, and they will be able to provide details on civil and criminal matters as they are the state’s keepers for the court dockets.


What information on Newport News City arrests and warrants can you get over the phone? (2021-update)

  • To get details on recent arrests: Call the Newport News City Jail at 757-926-8759 or the Newport News City Farm at 757-369-8900.
  • To know the process for requesting details on warrants, arrest records, incident/accident reports: Call the Records Unit at 757-928-4100.
  • To provide a tip about a suspect with an outstanding warrant against him/her: Use the phone number of the Newport News City PD’s Fugitive Apprehension Unit – 757-928-4100.
  • To contact the Investigations Division: Call 757-928-4203.
  • To provide an anonymous tip: Call 1-888-LOCK-U-UP.
  • For judicial records and case search (misdemeanor): Contact the General District Court Clerk (criminal) at 757-926-8811.
  • For judicial records and case search (felony): Get in touch with the Office of the Circuit Clerk at 757-926-8561.


Crime statistics for Newport News City, Virginia

An estimated 4500 property crime complaints were filed in Newport News City in 2019. This figure was the sum of over 3600 larceny thefts, 500 burglaries, and nearly 350 motor vehicle thefts. Violent crimes accounted for more than 1000 of the total annual crime rate of 6000 incidents.

Almost 8000 crime reports were filed in the City of Newport News, Virginia, in 2010; this puts both the violent and property crime averages well over the national median. Almost 15% of the reported criminal activity is attributed to incidents that are violent in nature.

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