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Campbell County police and the judiciary are more than willing to help people looking for arrest records or are interested in a warrant search. Yet, it would be hard to find a single online source of information on active warrants issued in Campbell.

In fact, it is not abnormal for most state agencies to tell applicants to come along to their offices for information on outstanding warrants. So, if you are keen on a quick and hassle-free internet-based warrant search, your only option is to choose a third-party data vendor. You can access a reliable private database of arrest warrants by filling the form above.

This will also be the only available choice if you have an active warrant in Campbell, Virginia, against you. Approaching the police or any state agency in such a scenario will lead to your arrest. On the other hand, if you need generic data, like annual crime figures, a list of the most wanted of Campbell, area-specific crimes, etc., the sheriff’s department will prove to be the best source of information. They can be contacted through mail at PO Box 280, Rustburg, Virginia 24588 or over the phone at 434-332-9580

When you need a personal background check report and have to get it notarized, things will get done faster if you approach the magistrate’s office at 732 Village Hwy, Rustburg, VA 24588. They issue arrest orders in criminal cases and bench warrants, which are routinely released in civil matters.

Finally, you can also go to the office of the clerk of court. This department acts as the judicial record-keeping entity. They prepare a summary of the case proceedings on a day-to-day basis; these are known as court dockets and are available in civil and criminal matters. To access this repository, you can contact the county clerk at the address given above.


What if you want to know about Campbell County outstanding warrants and arrests over the phone? (2021 Data)


  • If you call the non-emergency phone number of the Sheriff’s Office at 434-332-9580, they will entertain general crime-related inquires as well as specific questions pertaining to inquiries on active warrants.
  • If you get in touch with the Records Division of the agency on 434-332-9580, you can inquire about the procedure for initiating an arrest records or a local criminal background check.
  • If you connect with BRRJ- Campbell on 434-332-9583, you can inquire about recent arrests and details pertaining to the bookings and release of current and past inmates.
  • If you call the Clerk of Circuit Court, you will likely be asked to visit their office for court records because this agency handles records of felony crimes. But, calling on 434-592-9517 will get you information on how to initiate a warrant search/arrest records check through the judiciary.
  • If you get in touch with the General District Court Clerk on 434-332-9546, you may be able to get information on arrest warrants or at least on the process to be followed to get such details.


Crime statistics for Campbell County, Virginia

Nearly 800 complaints were received by the Sheriff’s Office of Campbell County in 2019. Of the crimes that occurred, over 700 were property-related while around 80 were crimes against people/violent crimes. In the property crimes category, larceny-theft was the greatest area of concern with an incident rate of over 500, while aggravated assault had the highest occurrence frequency of all violent crimes, with nearly 50 incidents.

From 2001 to 2008, almost 600 crimes occurred in Campbell County, Virginia, every year. Of these incidents, just about 44 were violent criminal activities. On average, 2 crimes are reported in the area daily. Although this does not seem too bad at first glance, there has been an astonishing increase of nearly 100% in the county’s rate of violent and total crime through the period mentioned above.

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