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An active arrest warrant from Arlington County, VA, is just one among scores of legal tools that can be used in the investigative process as well as to call in an individual who is a witness in a criminal matter or who has been accused of playing a part in such a case. At least 3 government agencies hold information on all arrest records from the area and all arrest warrants issued by the local criminal court.

For a warrant search, you can approach either of these judicial or law enforcement divisions. Under the Freedom of Information Act of Arlington, VA, these agencies are legally obligated to offer this information to applicants who place a formal request for it. When asking for this data, remember that you will have to show up in person at the agency office to collect this information. Start your hunt for information on outstanding warrants at:

The sheriff’s department: Because the deputies of the sheriff’s department execute the arrest orders and process the accused, this agency has all data about arrest warrants and how and when these were served. The sheriff’s office can be contacted at 1425 N Courthouse Rd, Rm 9100, Arlington, Virginia 22201, or reached at 703-228-4460

The office of the magistrate: Since all arrest orders, including bench warrants and detention decrees issued in criminal matters, come out of the magistrates’ court, you will find all information about such legal instruments with this office. To connect with them, go to the same address as above or call on 703-228-7010

The county clerk’s office: The clerk is responsible for the maintenance of the court dockets, which are nothing but records of trial proceedings. This is done for both criminal and civil matters, so you will get details about almost all cases that went through the judicial system of the area through this source. Get in touch with them at 1400 N. Courthouse Rd, Room. 204, Arlington, Virginia 22201.


Can you access Arlington County arrest records and warrants data over the phone? (2021-specific)

  • To find out about recent arrests call the Arlington County Detention Center on 703-228-7286.
  • To access police records, including local criminal history information and arrest records, call on 703-228-4292.
  • To learn about the possible arrest warrants against people you know, call the Arlington Police Department on 703-558-2222.
  • To get in touch with Crime Stoppers of Arlington County, VA, use the toll-free phone number 1-866-411-8477.
  • For filing a report over the phone, call on 703-228-4300.
  • To access information on cases handled by Circuit Court, call on 703-228-7010.
  • For case records from the District Court, call on 703-228-7900/ 703-228-4495 (matters pertaining to juvenile delinquency).


Crime statistics for Arlington, Virginia

From its peak position of almost 3500 incidents in 2018, the crime rate of Arlington County dropped to less than 3000 incidents in 2019. Unfortunately, the decrease of almost 15% was attributed more to a reduction in property crimes than violent crimes. In fact, the violent crime rate increased from 298 to 323 incidents. In contrast, property crime figures plunged from the 2018-level of nearly 3100 to around 2600 in the following year.

In the County of Arlington, VA, violent crime rates have declined over the ten-year period from 1999 to 2008 by almost 30%, while the slight increase in the overall crime figures can only be termed dismal. Over this interval, an estimated 4800 criminal complaints were filed with the local police of which, more than 93% of the incidents were related to property crimes.

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