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It is possible to find active warrants from Carroll County, Virginia, by visiting the local sheriff’s office or a department of the judiciary that handles the issue of such orders. However, before you get out searching for background information on a subject, it would help to know what an active warrant actually signifies and if it actually means that the accused is guilty of a crime.

Arrest warrants in Carroll County are issued after the magistrate studies case details, including evidence and witness testimonies. Although proof related information is presented before the judge through an affidavit filed to request the pre-warrant hearing, the magistrate may call in the witnesses to depose under oath.

The purpose of this exercise is to ascertain that clear culpability can be established based on the evidence available up to that point in the investigative process. Just an assumption that the alleged offender committed the crime will not work in court. This is the reason why arrest warrants command as much clout as they do since the judiciary backs them.

If you are interested in a Carroll County warrant search, you can approach the magistrate’s office that has issued the directive or the sheriff’s office that is in charge of executing it. Alternatively, it is also possible to seek information on arrest records and outstanding warrants through the county clerk’s office that handles the court dockets. The addresses of these agencies have been given below.

  • Police: PO Box 575, Hillsville, Virginia 24343
  • The court: 605 Pine St, Hillsville, VA 24343
  • The clerk of court: 605-1 Pine Street, Suite A-230, Hillsville, Virginia 24343

Less than 450 crimes occur annually in Carroll County, VA. The yearly violent crime rate stands at 10% of this figure, which can be worked out to approximately 45 incidents per annum. Since 2004, crime rates have almost doubled in the area, with average growth rates of 80% and more observed in violent and reported crime.

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