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It would certainly not be in your best interest to forego a vital safety measure like a Westmoreland County arrest warrant search. It is not uncommon for people to believe that the legwork such an inquiry calls for is just a waste of time. These individuals do not know that precaution truly holds better than cure when dealing with anti-social elements in VA.

Not only could you lose money, assets but also you could seriously jeopardize your life and that of your loved ones; not to say that the idea of dealing with a felon may not sit well with your customers, which may throw the reputation of your business in tatters. Years and a small fortune will have to be spent resuscitating your venture again after such a debacle.

In contrast, finding out about active warrants from Westmoreland County takes no more than a few dollars and a couple of hours. Why the office of the county clerk will even let you have a go at their court dockets database. The public service terminals at the justice center in your area are bound to be connected to this repository.

So, the advantage would be that you can get information on criminal and civil matters from the clerk of court’s department. Of course, the police and the magistrate’s court are not too far behind when it comes to providing details on arrest records and outstanding warrants. Remember that the magistrate plays an authoritative role in the issue of arrest warrants while the police actually use these orders to make arrests. These agencies can be contacted at:

  • Law enforcement: PO Box 305, Montross, Virginia 22520
  • Judiciary: P.O. Box 716, Montross, VA 22520
  • County clerk: PO Box 307, Montross, Virginia 22520
  • Most wanted of Westmoreland: http://www.westcoso.us/MOST_WANTED.html.

Is there any way to get information about Westmoreland County active warrants and arrests over the phone? (2021-Update)  

  • To inquire about recent arrests, contact the Westmoreland County Jail – 804-493-8198.
  • To learn about arrests, call the Northern Neck Regional Jail- 804-333-6419.
  • To get information on arrest warrants, contact the Office of the Magistrate at 804-493-0166.
  • To get help for a victim, contact the County District Attorney’s Office at 804-493-9690.
  • For accident reports and arrest records, contact the Sheriff’s Department at 804-493-8066
  • To get judicial records, get in touch with the Court Clerk at 804-493-0108 (Circuit) and 804-493-0105 (District).

Crime statistics of Westmoreland County

In 2019, the annual crime rate of Westmoreland County decreased by 35%. The yearly average went from 124 incidents in 2018 to 80 cases in the following year. Of the complaints filed, 68 were against property crimes. The violent crime category led to the filing of 12 reports.

Older crime statistics

When looking for crime history data, you are bound to come across the incident figures for Westmoreland County, Virginia, which will justify the trouble you take to inquire about arrest warrants from the area. From 2001 through 2008, nearly 1700 criminal complaints were lodged with the local police. Also, there was an increase of 40% in violent crime and 65% in reported illegal activity.

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