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Only felonies can result in a warrantless arrest. For most misdemeanor cases, save for those committed in front of a police officer, an arrest warrant from Halifax County, Virginia, will be needed to take a person into custody. Also, in matters that can be clubbed into the felony category, if an investigation precedes the actual arrest and the suspect has to be pinpointed through this process, an active warrant will be needed.

To get arrest warrants, the local sheriff’s office has to petition the court. After the order has been granted, it is kept in the active orders category for a while, and if for some reason it cannot be served, it turns into a Halifax County outstanding warrant. However, the difference in the name does not impact the power of the order in any way.

As an active detention directive, information on the warrant is only available to local police officers and troopers from within the state of Virginia. However, when dealing with Halifax outstanding warrants, details on these court orders are sent to officers from all over the country through a central FBI hosted database.

To initiate an inquiry through a warrant search in Halifax, you can approach the government departments given below. Alternatively, you could fill the form you see on top of this page to search through a third-party repository of arrest records and warrants related data.

  • The police: PO Box 370, 8 Edmunds Blvd, Halifax, Virginia 24558
  • The county clerk: PO Box 729, Halifax, Virginia 24558
  • The court of the magistrate: 8 S Main St, Halifax, VA 24558

Halifax County, VA police have to deal with an estimated 600 criminal matters every year. Fortunately, just about 8% of these are violent in nature and include such heinous acts as rape and homicide. For the better part, most of the criminal incidents are property crimes. Although the rise in violent crimes at nearly 30% has not been too drastic, the same cannot be said about the reported criminal incident rate, which went up by over 60%.

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