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In Nelson County, an arrest warrant search can be launched through the sheriff’s office or the magistrate. Because both these agencies play significant roles in the issue of all detention directives, you will find a wealth of information with them. You could also approach the clerk of court’s office in VA for your inquiry on active warrants.

All three offices are known to keep an extensive amount of data on criminal matters that have entered the state’s judicial system. While the local police have first-hand information on the investigations carried out and arrests made without warrants, they are also in possession of the original active warrants issued in the area.

The magistrate’s court does more than just issue Nelson County arrest warrants; this agency plays an authoritative part in the judicial process. So, they will have details on crime history plus the release of all legal instruments, including search warrants, bench warrants, summons, and more.

The county clerk’s office is where all this assimilated information is stored in one central database. This court dockets repository collects feed from agencies that deal with criminal matters and receives details from the civil tribunals. You can approach any of these three agencies or go to more than one office when hunting down information on outstanding warrants and arrest records from Nelson County.

  • The sheriff: Post Office Box 36, 94 Courthouse Square, Lovingston, Virginia 22949
  • The magistrate: 800 E Broad St, Richmond, VA 23219
  • The clerk of court: PO Box 10, Lovingston, Virginia 22949

How do you inquire about active warrants and recent arrests from County over the phone? (2021-current)   

  • To learn about arrests, call the Nelson County Sheriff’s Office at 800-750-5757.
  • To request arrest records/incident reports, call the agency at 434-263-7050.
  • To ask about a case search, call the Clerk of Court at 434-263-7020 (Circuit) and 434-263-7040 (District).
  • To ask about arrest warrants, call the Office of the Magistrate at 434-263-7029.
  • To contact Victim/Witness Services, call 434-263-7014.

Crime statistics of Nelson County

In comparison to the 243 crime reports of 2018, the Nelson Sheriff’s Department received 192 criminal complaints in 2019. There were 166 crimes against property and 26 offenses against people in this annual total.

Nearly 125 larceny thefts, 27 burglaries, and 16 car thefts were recorded as crimes against property. There were 18 aggravated assaults and 8 rapes among the reported violent offenses.

Older crime statistics

Between 204 and 2008, an estimated 1400 crimes transpired in Nelson County, Virginia. This puts the annual crime average at roughly about 300 incidents. Of these, only about 12 were violent acts such as murder and rape. When the crime figures of the 5 years are compared, the downward trend in the number of violent crimes is quite apparent.

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