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The police of City of Norfolk County, Virginia rely entirely on the judiciary for the issue of arrest warrants. Unless a crime takes place in the presence of a peace officer an arrest cannot be lawfully made without an active warrant in hand and for this, the local sheriff’s office has to follow a procedure prescribed in the Virginia Criminal Code.

To begin with, either the victim or the police or even the DA’s office has to file a formal complaint against the alleged perpetrator. This complaint is in the form of a written petition placed before the court which details the crime and its intricacies including evidence collected in the matter. After careful deliberation over these, the sitting magistrate signs the arrest decree which is legally known as an active arrest warrant.

While the City of Norfolk sheriff’s department is judicious about serving all such detention decrees, those that do not get executed for any odd reason are simply saved in the crime justice system of the county and the nation as outstanding arrest warrants.

When you initiate a warrant search through any of the government agencies mentioned below, you will not only receive in depth arrest records on the subject of your inquiry but also information on any and all outstanding warrants and active arrest orders issued against him/her in the City of Norfolk County, VA.

To gather information related to such arrest orders and other tools routinely used by the police and judiciary in criminal and civil cases like subpoenas, search warrants and bench warrants, you can get in touch with:

The sheriff’s department:811 East City Hall Avenue  Norfolk, VA 23510.

The county clerk’s office: 100 St. Pauls Boulevard, Norfolk, Virginia 23510

The court of the magistrate of City of Norfolk: 100 St Pauls Blvd, Norfolk, VA 23510

On an average, nearly 13200 incidents of crime are reported in the City of Norfolk County, VA every year. Of these almost 1500 are incidents that can be slotted in the violent crimes category and include such felonies as rape with 90 incidents and homicide with 30 cases.

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