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Because all state departments keep information on arrest records and outstanding warrants, you can go to one or all government departments that are further mentioned in this article. While all agencies will offer the provision for an arrest warrant search in the City of Bristol, VA, each office also has a unique set of details that you may not find with another department.

For example, the police will not just be able to tell you about the crimes that your subject was associated with and the outstanding warrants to his name but also to get you details on the crime statistics for your area and even a most-wanted list from the law enforcement agency.

If you were to go to the magistrate court, you could find a range of ancillary information along with data on arrest warrants from the City of Bristol. It is typical for the judge’s office to issue details on the release of other legal processes. So, you can find out about any bench warrants in the name of your subject and criminal summons that might be used against this person.

The county clerk’s office also offers details on active warrants for arrests. In fact, this is the agency that can get you the most significant amount of supplemental data. For instance, the clerk of court keeps the court dockets for civil and criminal matters, so you can also get information on the criminal cases that are being fought in the subject’s name through an inquiry submitted with this department. To connect with these agencies, go to:

  • Law enforcement: 417 Cumberland St, Bristol, Virginia 24201
  • Judiciary: 497 Cumberland St, Bristol, VA 24201
  • County clerk: Given above

What City of Bristol agency should you approach for an over-the-phone warrant search and arrests inquiry? (Update: 2021)   

  • When you want to get a warrant search done, contact the Magistrate’s Court-276-645-7434.
  • When you want to know about recent arrests, call the Sheriff’s Office- 276-645-7430.
  • When you want an arrest report or incident/accident records, contact Bristol PD at 276-645-7400.
  • When you need to get in touch with Victim/Witness Services, call the Victim’s Advocate- 276-645-7322.
  • When you want to know about accessing criminal court records, contact the Clerk of Circuit Court- 276-645-7321 (Circuit) and 276-645-7341 (District)


Crime statistics of City of Bristol

In 2019, the City of Bristol Police Department handled 440 criminal complaints. Of these, 388 were attributed to property offenses, while 52 were connected to violent crimes. Larceny-theft had the greatest occurrence rate among property crimes, with nearly 290 cases. As far as violent crimes were concerned, assaults brought in the highest number of complaints, at 32 cases.

Older crime statistics

Through the decade that ended in 2008, approximately 750 complaints were received by the police of the City of Bristol, Virginia, in matters about violent acts, while another 6300 cases were made against property crimes. Of the annual incident average of almost 770 cases, about 10% are violent in nature, while the remaining are thefts, robberies, etc.

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