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Contrary to popular belief, the police are not just handed arrest warrants in Fluvanna County, Virginia, when and as they require. They have to put in a significant amount of legwork to procure these judicial orders. First, after the investigation is completed, the sheriff’s office has to put down all the evidence gathered in black and white for the local magistrate’s perusal.

This evidence has to be sufficient for the sitting judge to establish that there is probable cause to believe that the incident was indeed of a criminal nature and that there is also probable cause to conclude that the accused had a role to play in this act. When the circumstantial and forensic evidence cannot bring this to light, the witnesses are called for a sworn deposition in front of the judge.

After this due diligence, the active warrant is handed to the police with an explicit order that the alleged offender should be arrested at once and from any place that he may be found in. The police have the authority to even break open doors to effect the arrest of such a person. Add to this the fact that officers from all across the nation have information on outstanding warrants from Fluvanna County, and it is easy to understand the sheer gravity of such an order.

For individuals who need to find information on arrest records and detention orders from Fluvanna County, it is possible to get a warrant search done through the agencies named below:

  • The sheriff’s: PO Box 113 Court Square, Palmyra, Virginia 22963
  • The magistrate’s: 132 Main St, Wilmington, VA 22963
  • The county clerk’s: PO Box 299, Palmyra, Virginia 22963


How do you get information on Fluvanna County arrest records and warrants over the phone? (2021-update)

  • To contact the Sheriff’s Office, use their non-emergency phone number- 434-589-8211.
  • To learn about a person who was arrested in the last 24 hours, get in touch with the Central Virginia Regional Jail at 540-672-3222.
  • To know if your subject is currently involved in a misdemeanor case and to get information on such matters as well as on how to conduct a warrant search, call the General District Clerk at 434-591-1980.
  • For information on Circuit Court case records and hearing dates, call the Circuit Clerk at 434-591-1970.


Crime statistics for Fluvanna County, Virginia

Around 160 criminal complaints were filed in Fluvanna County in 2019. Of these, over 140 were against property crimes and about 20 were filed against violent crimes. As compared to these, the figures of 2018 were notably higher with a property crime rate of 160 incidents and a violent crime rate of over 30 incidents.

Just a bit over 200 incidents of crime occur in Fluvanna County, VA every year. Of these, nearly 10% are of a violent nature. On average, 50% of criminal incidents occur when the victim is close to his workplace or home.

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