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An arrest warrant search from the City of Hopewell, VA, will get you results on all criminal matters that the subject’s name shows up in. This includes cases that have yet to be disposed of by the courts and those incidents in which the verdict has already been delivered. Of course, this also means that apart from information on outstanding warrants and arrest records, you will also be able to find out a thing or two about the correctional facility that the accused was held in and the time he did.

Arrest warrants call for the custodial detention of an alleged offender. The court issues these directives; however, the police have to place a request for them first. When an active warrant is served, the person in whose name it was issued will be detained. Generally, he will be held in the custody of the sheriff’s department.

However, the police can only keep him for 48 hours before he will have to be presented before the judiciary. At this point, his freedom rests in the hands of the magistrate. If this individual has no prior criminal records and above all does not have a history of disobeying legal directives, the magistrate may grant him bail.

It is essential to understand that a bail hearing is the right of every arrestee; however, the court is under no obligation to grant bail. Typically, the information offered in response to a warrant search from the City of Hopewell may/may not include details on such temporary detentions. However, you will be told of arrests and when and why they occurred. For such an inquiry, go to:

  • The police: 100 E Broadway, POB 1193, Hopewell, Virginia 23860
  • The county clerk: 300 Main Street, Hopewell, Virginia 23860
  • The court of the magistrate: 100 E Broadway Ave, Hopewell, VA 23860


Can you get details about the City of Hopewell recent arrests and active warrants over the phone? (2021-data)        

  • Questions on recent arrests and requests for incident/accident reports and arrest records: (804) 541-2222
  • Inmate records-related inquiries: 804-524-6600
  • Questions pertaining to victim/witness assistance: 804-541-2352.
  • Details pertaining to outstanding warrants: 804-524-6611.
  • Inquiries about criminal court records: 804-541-2239 (Circuit) and 804-541-2257 (District).


Crime statistics of the City of Hopewell

City of Hopewell’s yearly crime rate decreased by 14% to 555 incidents in 2019. Of the cases reported, 75 were violent crimes.  These included 3 rape cases and 45 violent assaults. Larceny-theft was the subject of almost 350 property crime complaints, while burglaries were the subject of over 80 of them.

Older crime statistics

Over the decade from 1999 onwards, the City of Hopewell, Virginia’s crime rates have surged by a massive 33% for violent criminal acts. In a year, approximately 1300 incident reports are filed with the local police, of which 13% are against violent criminal acts.

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