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If cop dramas and crime shows have convinced you that a warrant is a must when it comes to taking a person into custody, think again! An active warrant from Mecklenburg County, Virginia, will only be sought in cases that are deemed as misdemeanors. When it concerns felonies, the police can arrest a person without the need for any undue formalities.

Does this mean that just about any person can be apprehended under the suspicion of having committed a criminal act? No, the law will not allow even the powers of the sheriff’s deputies and justice agencies to supersede the Fourth Amendment. This means that an individual cannot be arrested unless there is significant evidence and even witness testimony pinning the crime on him.

In case of arrest warrants, it is left at the judiciary’s discretion to decide if there is enough proof to accuse the person in question. However, because the issue of an active warrant in Mecklenburg County means that the police case has the judiciary’s seal of approval, an arrest is imminent when such an order is released.

So, if you want to positively determine if a person has a criminal background, a simple warrant search will give you all the information you need. In fact, the results of such an inquiry will include details on Mecklenburg County arrest records, outstanding warrants, charges filed against the subject, verdict, and more. For your search, you can go to:

  • Law enforcement: 251 Monroe St, Boydton, Virginia 23917
  • Judiciary: 1294 Jefferson St, Boydton, VA 23917
  • County clerk: Washington St, Boydton, Virginia 23917

Of the estimated 600 crimes in Mecklenburg County, VA, only about 50 are violent each year. The majority of the annual crime average can be attributed to acts of property crime. From 2001 onwards, there has been a rise of almost 80% in violent and overall crime rates.

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