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Louisa County arrest warrants are issued based on probable cause. This is defined as the evidence that would be enough for any regular person to believe that the accused did indeed commit the criminal act in question. Probable cause has to be brought before the court in the form of an affidavit.

This writ lists all case details, including why the incident is being deemed criminal and why the suspect is being accused of the crime. This complaint is treated as a preliminary basis for the warrant hearing. However, it is not always the only foundation on which the issue of an active warrant in Louisa County can be based.

The witnesses and the victim may also be called in to corroborate the police version. If this is done, the testimony has to be rendered under oath, and it can be taken in person or over the phone. A signed arrest order released after due deliberation over the case facts is called an active warrant from Louisa County.

An order of this nature kept in the police system because it could not be executed within a stipulated time is known as an outstanding warrant. When you approach one of the agencies mentioned below for a warrant search in Louisa, the report you receive will include such details as arrest records and warrants in the subject’s name, including bench warrants and conviction data.

  • The Police: PO Box 504, 1 Woolfolk Ave, Louisa, Virginia 23093
  • The court: 314 W Main St, Louisa, VA 23093
  • The clerk of court: 100 W Main Street, Louisa, Virginia 23093-0037


Can you get any data on arrests and warrants from Louisa County over the phone (2021-specific)?

  • Contact the Records Unit to file a request for an arrest report, warrant search, incident/accident report, fingerprinting, and civil services. They can be reached at 540-967-4586.
  • Get in touch with the Sheriff’s Office at 540-967-1234/434-589-3007/804-556-3713 for general information and non-emergency complaint filing.
  • Contact the Commonwealth Attorney’s Office for Victim Witness Assistance at 540-967-2205.
  • Call the Central Virginia Regional Jail at 540-672-3222 for details on bookings and releases.
  • Get in touch with the Circuit Court Clerk at 540-967-5312.
  • Contact the General District Court Clerk (Criminal) at 540-967-5330.
  • Call the District Court Clerk (JDR Unit) at 540-967-5337.


Crime statistics for Louisa County, Virginia

In 2019, around 370 criminal complaints were filed in Louisa County as opposed to the 400 reports in 2018. The dip in the annual crime average was attributed to a drop in both property and violent crimes. The former went from an incident rate of around 360 to 330 in 2019. Comparatively, the drop in the figures of violent crime was minuscule, from 42 to 39 complaints.

With an annual crime rate that stands lower than 350 incidents, the crime situation in Louisa County, VA, is fairly good. Also, the rate of violent crime is relatively low, at just 5% of the total annual crime average. However, this is where the good news for the residents of this area ends. With a spike of almost 100% seen in all crime categories, the county’s police have enough to worry about.

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