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Warren County arrest warrants can be found issued in most complaints against misdemeanors and several felony matters as well. The rules for these different crime categories and the issue of arrest warrants in these cases are as follows:

  • In case of felony related detentions, an active warrant is not always required
  • Only if the suspect cannot be immediately identified and his/her name emerges in the due course of investigation will a warrant be requested
  • In case of misdemeanors, the crime has to occur in the presence of a law enforcement agent to take the person into custody without a formal arrest order.
  • For all other cases, a warrant will be needed to make the arrest
  • The issue of all arrest warrants is based on the establishment of probable cause.

Because the police are in charge of making the arrest without a warrant, procuring such a judicial order when needed and serving it, you will find all information pertaining to Warren County outstanding warrants and arrest records from the office of the sheriff. On the same lines, a warrant search can also be initiated through the court of the magistrate because this agency has the authority to issue all judicial orders including bench warrants, search orders, active warrants, subpoenas and more.

The office of the county clerk is the odd man out in the mix because this agency neither issues these legal provisions nor is it in charge of serving them. Their only job is to prepare the court dockets which are a written account of what went on during the pre-warrant hearing. By virtue of this responsibility alone, they will have records pertaining to all civil and criminal cases heard in the area. To connect with any of these agencies, you can use the contact details listed below.

  • Law enforcement: 23 E Jackson St, Front Royal, Virginia 22630
  • Judiciary:1 E Main St, Front Royal, VA 22630
  • County clerk: 1 East Main Street, Front Royal, Virginia 22630

Warren County, VA cannot exactly be called a high crime region with just about 700 criminal complaints made annually. Yet, it can be safely said that with a growth of almost 50% in the rates of crime and an estimated 40 violent criminal occurrences logged per year, this is definitely not a low crime area either.

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