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In Gloucester County, Virginia arrest records and warrants related data can be found through the office of the sheriff or the judicial entities that are involved in issuing active warrants in the area. Because an order for detention basically comes from the court, you can find details on arrest warrants from both the magistrate’s court and the office of the county clerk.

Apart from these state agencies, you can also get a warrant search done online through a website like this which maintains a private database of information on active warrants issued in Gloucester County and the rest of the country. In fact, you also likely to find a range of other details through this site such as conviction and incarceration records and release details.

Similarly, if you were to approach a government agency, they would be able to help you with details on the Gloucester outstanding warrants issued against a person and information on the most wanted criminals in the area along with general crime statistics and more. In fact, you could also get at least one of the departments mentioned below to divulge information from the civil courts to you.

  • The police: 7502 Justice Dr, Gloucester, Virginia 23061
  • The county clerk: Main Street, Gloucester, Virginia 23061
  • The court of the magistrate: 7400 Justice Dr, Gloucester Courthouse, VA 23061

In most cases, a formal application will have to be put in for Gloucester County arrest warrant details. However, with the department of the clerk of court, you can simply browse through the court dockets directory by using the public terminals at the local justice center. Similarly, with private information vendors, you could just request the data you need online.


Can you get information on active warrants and arrests records over the phone in Gloucester County? (2021 details)

  • The Sheriff’s Office- 804-693-4042. Call to file a complaint or to learn about requesting incident reports.
  • The FOIA Officer: 804-693-1100. Call to file a request for FOIA records from the Sheriff’s Office.
  • The Gloucester County Jail: 804-693-1371. Call to inquire about recent arrests and bonded release of a detainee.
  • The General District Court Clerk:804-693-4860. Call this number to know about arraignment hearings, misdemeanor case hearings, and warrants issued in such matters.
  • The General District Court JDR: 804-693-4850. Call for information on preliminary criminal hearings (juvenile and adult), traffic violation cases, and bond hearings for misdemeanor offenses.
  • The Circuit Court Clerk: 804-693-2502. Call to understand the procedure for accessing judicial records pertaining to felony crime cases.


Crime statistics for Gloucester County, Virginia

In 2018, the Gloucester County Police handled about 240 criminal complaints. But by the following year, the local law enforcement agency had lost its grip on the crime rates of the area. This was evident from the rise of about 40% in the annual crime average in 2019. Approximately 430 cases were filed in 2019 of which, around 400 were against property crimes, while violent crimes brought in about 30 complaints.

Gloucester County, VA figures in the middle of the crime scale of the state given the 500 incident reports that are filed in criminal matters with the local police. Add to this the fairly low violent crime rate which stands at just about 6% of the total annual incident figure and it is easy to understand why residents of this area feel so safe.

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